First generation, grandfather; He said, "TASTY." The second generation, Şevket Korucuoğlu; He said, "TASTY." Today, the third generation is on watch. not only in Bursa, not in Turkey, beyond the borders of our country is holding the country flavor seizures, is expanding. Korucuoğlu bears the name of i Şevket ”brand while expanding and expanding its stores in Bursa," UNANA "brand carries the vision of frozen bakery products and the future.

Frozen Flavors

Unana keeps its freshness for months thanks to its frozen ready tastes;

  • Raw material procurement process
  • Inventory costs
  • Eliminate personnel costs

Increase the efficiency of your business, multiply your profitability.


UNANA, a Şevket subsidiary, is opening a new era in your life thanks to its ready-made delicacies.

Unana is the most important supplier of food processing companies, catering companies and hotels with its high share.

You can remove raw material procurement process, personnel, equipment and energy expenses, as well as personnel sourced or wasted products from your life with UNANA.

  • Unana-ready delicacies help you avoid high operating costs.
  • Your risk of faulty or damaged production is eliminated.
  • Unana-ready flavors provide customer satisfaction.
  • New ones are added to your existing customers.
  • It adds practicality to your works with its non-return packaging.

Frigrofig vehicles are served to your business without breaking the cold chain.